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Laser PCB Depaneling Machine-The future hot spots in the SMT industry are still consumer electronics and automotive electronics

SMTfly is currently focusing on promotion solutions, so at the NEPCON Shenzhen exhibition, we will vigorously promote PCB laser cutting circuit board solutions to meet the challenges of precision board cutting in the future.


Automotive development space is very large


As for automotive electronics, there are many innovative products in this area. Taking unmanned driving as an example, it requires a variety of electronic products, especially sensors, to detect whether the vehicle is off track, the distance from the front car, or even the safety mechanism. Once a car accident occurs, the door is opened one minute later. Did not open, indicating that someone was in a coma, and immediately called the emergency number. All of these can explain the development of automotive electronics is very broad.


In addition to being one of the largest automotive electronics consumers, China is also the source of automotive components. Many of the largest automotive electronics manufacturers in Europe and the United States rely on Chinese suppliers. These suppliers are not only manufacturing, but also more and more to the road of research and development, to propose innovative and upgraded products for car manufacturers.

According to the current development of China's industry, more and more manufacturers hope to fully realize automation in the electronic assembly process, especially in the production of key products such as military and medical, which will not appear because of the need for manual operation of complex, difficult and special-shaped components. Quality differences. SMTfly can help manufacturers deal with complex components and realize the dream of fully automated production.


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