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PCBA Cleaning Equipment

PCBA Cleaning Equipment description:

SMTfly-210 pneumatic PCB auto cleaning machine is designed to clean misprint solder paste, squeegee, feeder partgs, a small amount of PCBA. Driven by compressed air, the machine clean PCB from upper and lower side, by “one button” wasy operation, the machine complete “clean+dry” process automatically; Special pump and paten designed rotation pod guarantee stable jet pressure to make sure efficient and high qualit cleaning result.

PCB Cleaning Equipment 

Machine Feature:

1.       SUS304 machine structure, resist acid and alkali corrossion, 10 years life time

2.       Totally driven by compressed air, no electric power, totally no fire or explosion risk caused by electrical spark

3.       One button easy operation, clean and dry complete automatically

4.       Push-pull cleaning bastket, easy to put and take out cleaning parts, no need special jigs

5.       Equipped auto liquid fill in and drain function

6.       Inner-lock safety door, once open, machine stopped immediately to ensure operator safety

7.       3 level precise filtering system to make liquid clean by recycled used.

8.       Super well-know pneumatic parts from all over the word ensure stable using of the machine

9.       Modular design, easy maintenance


Machine Specification:



Max stencial size


Liquid tank

Max:50L, Min:20L

Clean time


Dry time


Air supply


Air consumption


Clean type

360°rotate jet clean+compressed air blow dry

Filter system

20/5/1um(3 levels)

Machine weight


Machine size



Contact: Bunny

Phone: /Wechat/Whatapp: + 86 136 8490 4990

Tel: 0769-82784046/86-13684904990

Email: s4@smtfly.com

Add: Building 2, Gang Hua Xing Industrial Park, Chongqing Road, Fuyong Town, Shenzhen, China 518103

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