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SMT Nozzle Cleaning Equipment, SMTfly-36

SMT Nozzle Cleaning Equipment description:

The latest intelligent nozzle cleaning machine SMTfly-36 with a moving fixture, dry at the same time while cleaning. Clean 36 nozzle per time, breaking the traditional cleaning machine cleaning methods and the number of restrictions. It uses pure water or DI water to clean, cleaning effect is good, cleaning rate of 99% or more, after this upgrade to join the intelligent detection of water storage device, whether the lack of water or too much water affect the cleaning effect function, no need to worry about water lacking or more water, so cleaning more peace of mind, more intelligent. Standard equipped with a special nozzle detection device for the nozzle after cleaning detection.

SMT Nozzle Cleaning Equipment

Machine Feature:

1.       Clean 36 nozzles per time, quicker and more efficient

2.       Automatic cleaning, avoid troubles caused by ultrasonic cleaner, reduce rejection rate.

3.       To clean the dirt completely which ultrasonic cleaner can not deal with

4.       Cleaning result will not affect by the smaller and smaller nozzle

5.       Thoroughly clean 99% dirty nozzle, extend the lifespan of nozzle

6.       Protect the coating surface of nozzle and its reflection panel.

7.       Never use solvent, only environmentally friendly DI water is enough

8.       Easy operation

9.       Applicable to all kinds of mouter nozzles, especially on corss, I-shape, odd shape nozzles


Machine Specification:



Air supply


Power supply

AC 220V, 1A, 250W


DI water or purified water

Jet Pressure


Liquid consumption


Nozzle range

Min 01005-Max inner diameter 2.0mm

Jig spec

36 holes

Machine size


Machine weight



Contact: Bunny

Phone: /Wechat/Whatapp: + 86 136 8490 4990

Tel: 0769-82784046/86-13684904990

Email: s4@smtfly.com

Add: Building 2, Gang Hua Xing Industrial Park, Chongqing Road, Fuyong Town, Shenzhen, China 518103

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