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  • Laser Solder Paste Scanning Tin Soldering Machine,SmtflyLS-P
Laser Solder Paste Scanning Tin Soldering Machine,SmtflyLS-P

Laser Solder Paste Scanning Tin Soldering Machine,SmtflyLS-P

  • Product description: Laser Solder Paste Scanning Tin Soldering Machine,SmtflyLS-P

Laser Solder Paste Scanning Tin Soldering Machine,SmtflyLS-P Features:

1. equipped with four axis solder supply system, precise and flexible;

2.coaxial temperature measuring system, output real-time temperature control curve;

3.for FBC and PCB welding, SMD non temperature components, heat sensitive welding advantages, high efficiency, good performance.

Benefits at a glance:

1.High precision

2.Low and localized heat input Soldering of temperature-sensitive components

3.Fast power controllability

4.Optimized temperature-time profile for best soldering results The soldering 5.temperature can be regulated according to a pre-set temperature-time profile

6.Non-contact  processing for joining in spaces with limited accessibility

7.Processing of metallic workpieces of very small geometries

8.Efficient and homogenous heat input

9.No risk of damaging adjacent components

Product Description:

CCD automatic scanning after the starting point after the puzzle solder paste, laser welding using the disposable whole mirror; solder supply system: the structure of 4 axis horizontal joint manipulator + platform; automatic dispensing system with injection valve (optional) Musashi paste; automatic mount prefabricated welding sheet system: patch mechanism principle (optional).

Product Parameters:

Entry Name

Technical Parameters

Machine Model

Power Supply

200V 50HZ

Total Power

600W-1.5KW(configuration selection)

Laser Parameters

10-150W optional

Wave Length

808,980,1064,1070 Optional

Control Mode

Microcomputer+PC Image Processing

Visual Positioning System


Machining Range

300*300 can be processed more than 0.15 pitch

Tin Plating Mode

Prefabricated tin,Point solder paste,Optional




Communications, military, aerospace, automotive electronics, medical equipment, mobile phones and so on.

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