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Screw Nut Insertion System

Screw Nut Insertion System

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Model SMTfly-LM2A Machine Size 1400*700*600mm
Working area 580*230*35/90/160 Screw Nut According to customer’s requirement
Control method PLC Repeatable precision ±0.01mm
Capacity 3500-4500pcs Power Supply 220/110V
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa Working tem. 0-250℃
Power rate 2KW Machine Weight 260KG


1. Equipment designed for three-axis stepper interlocking manner, driven automatic temperature heating system, a single point of mobile implant nut machine;

2. Coordinates Adjustment directly set the value and move the coordinates are two ways to set the whole Chinese programming simple and quick;

3. The use of imported triaxial ensure accuracy;

4. The non-blocking nut crashing chute (nut asked to oil and copper scrap, uniform size);

5. The automatic feed, heat implanted at once;


1.Delivery installation: Pearl River Delta region free home delivery; other areas pay only a small amount of freight, and the use of freight transport, packaging boxes, arrived safely, equipment and tooling are already successful commissioning, folding cartons can be used.

2.The installation environment: ordinary family workshops or factories, only the power socket and pipe can be used.

3.The training program: free training technicians to fully grasp until use.

4.After-sale protection: free samples, free installation, quality tracking, 24 hours in place, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

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