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Automatic Screw Nut Heat Inserting Machines

Automatic Screw Nut Heat Inserting Machines

  • Product description: Automatic Screw Nut Heat Inserting Machines

Automatic screw nut heat inserting machine with 0.01mm Precision, CWLM-1A



Model   Machine Size 1400*700*600mm
Working area 580*230*35/90/160 Screw Nut According to customer’s requirement
Control method PLC Repeatable precision ±0.01mm
Capacity 3500-4500pcs Power Supply 220/110V
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa Working tem. 0-250℃
Power rate 2KW Machine Weight 260KG



1. Equipment designed for three-axis stepper interlocking manner, driven automatic temperature heating system, a single point of mobile implant nut machine;

2. Using an exclusive development of high-performance modules + Concord Taiwan imported man-machine interface operating system, enabling the production of programming in any order, store, recall, modify any data of different products.

3. Coordinates Adjustment directly set the value and move the coordinates are two ways to set the whole Chinese programming simple and quick;

4. The use of imported triaxial ensure accuracy;

5. Repeat accuracy 0.5-1.0mm;

6. The non-blocking nut crashing chute (nut asked to oil and copper scrap, uniform size);

7. nut implanted plastic shell, the strength up to standard;

8. The automatic feed, heat implanted at once;

9. Every time an implant nuts, nut regardless of direction per hour 1400-2000PCS nuts (actual production efficiency in order to prevail with plastic shell and nut).

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