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  • Screw Fastening System, CWLS-1A
Screw Fastening System, CWLS-1A

Screw Fastening System, CWLS-1A

  • Product description: Screw Fastening System
●Auto‐intelligent detection for screw loose, screw missing,screw unstable.K576
●Automatic feeding and lock screws, Any screw hole point and location data can
    be stored in the system at any time.
●Excellent commonality and easy replace Screw M2.0—M5.0
●Using X,Y,Z axis operation movement system control.


Working Range: 500*500*100mm(X*Y*Z)
Drive mode: 3 axis driver
Position accuracy : ±0.02mm
CWLS-2A, Automatic Screwdriver Machine Control system: PLC + TP
Screw Feeding : absorption type
Operation method : by Programming

Working Speed: Min<1.2S

Memory size: 999groups

Voltage: 220VAC,50HZ


Notebook computers, glasses, mobile phones,  
LCD monitors,watches, integrated board, Sound box,  

Camera, Toys, small appliance Etc. 

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