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  • Screwdriver Machine,CWLS-2A
Screwdriver Machine,CWLS-2A

Screwdriver Machine,CWLS-2A

  • Product description: Screwdriver Machine,CWLS-2A
●With intelligent detection function, can automatically detect leakage lock, lock, slide tooth, double Y design, and able to work alternately
●Strong flexibility, the standard universal fixture applicable model of screw lock.
●Strong commonality, replace the screw conveyor modules can be adapted to M1.0 ‐ M4.0 screw lock.
●Equipment for small, save space, reduce the plant resources. Easy to put into the production line, and before the standard after the function.
●Double Y design, alternating operation, maximize production efficiency, production of profit maximization, the lowest cost of production.

●Application: Especially suitable for all kinds of screw lock pay of consumer electronics, such as calculators, navigation, audio, camera, laptop, tablet PC, learning machine, small home appliance, etc

Working Range: 500(X)*300(Y1)*300(Y2)*100(Z)mm
Drive mode: 3 axis driver
Position accuracy : ±0.02mm
Control system: PLC + TP
Screw Feeding : absorption type
Operation method : by Programming
Working Speed: Min<1.2S
Program memory: 0‐99 groups
Voltage: 220VAC,50HZ
Air Pressure: 4‐5kg/cm2
Size: 620*600*720mm

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