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PCB Label Sticker Machine

PCB Label Sticker Machine

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PCB Label Sticker Machine, CWTB-T2

Standard platform,Smart Accommodation

Accommodates for electronic products like mobilevarious PCBSMT produce line and FPCcamera LED chip etc,which will replace labour for place pressure sensitive adhesiveconductive adhesivedouble-face sticker Thermal conductive silicone foam shield laminating labelprotecting film and bar code QR code etc.


Mount accuracy


Positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


Mounting Speed


Component Range


PCB size


PCB Thickness


Feeder capacity

Standard: 2 feeders(80mm)

Positioning method

MARK point & screen frame for visual positioning+parts visual compensation

Mount head number


Entry way


Machine Dimension


Power Supply

200-240V 50/60Hz single phase AC 200-240V 50/60Hz



Air Supply

0.4-0.6Mpa Dry air 0.4-0.6 bar

Machine Weight

About 800KG

Machine Features:

1.Mounting speed:1.3-2.5 sec/pcs

2.High Precision:The mounting element adopt the camera to identify the positioning,PCB positioning using Mark camera ,precise positioning (two positioning ).

3.Economic and convienent Nozzle: The Z axis buffer mechanism is designed on the mounting head to avoid the complexity of the nozzle design to ensure the safety of the product and to reduce the cost of the nozzle ,Easy to Changeover and increase throughout greatly.

4.When installing the components, the torque mode is adopted to protect the product and prevent the damage.

5.The vision system supports read date for one dimensional code, two-dimensional code.

6.Stable and perfect control system, support various materialsproduction methods and other application etc.

7.With the EMS system to achieve online production.


High precision and stable structure integrated frame to ensure stability for high speed mounting work.

High optimized electric control box structure,compact and safe electric arrangement,which can effectively save space and ensure the convenience of maintenance.

Adopt high precision servo motor and high precision screw guide rail are used to form a complete closed loop control system to ensure that the equipment with high and stable repeatability positioning accuracy.

High precision vision system hardware is composed of two high resolution cameras,positioning algorithm ,with multi axis mount head to improve efficiency greatly.

Two simple operation electronic smart feeder which Accurate feeding and easy to changeover and could be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications of automatic feeding device.

Double mounting nozzles is controlled independently which improve high mounting precision greatly and can mounting two different materials at same time.

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