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  • Pcb Depaneling Tool,PWB Separator,SMTfly-4S
Pcb Depaneling Tool,PWB Separator,SMTfly-4S

Pcb Depaneling Tool,PWB Separator,SMTfly-4S

  • Product description: Pcb Depaneling Tool,PWB Separator,SMTfly-4S
Pcb Depaneling Tool,PWB Separator,SMTfly-4S Feature:
1.Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different LED board.
2.Clearance between the circular blades can be precisely
adjusted by the knob
3.Upper and lower circular blades can be reused after regrinding.
4.Shape and sizes of the circular blades can be made according
to customer's specifications .
5.Standard 2.4M Stainless steel platform(could be custom make)
6. Lower cutting stress to improve depaneling effect
7.Depaneling 2 PCBs at one time, PCB width could be adjustable from(0~12mm)

pcb depanelizer for pcba,SMTfly-4S   pcb depanelizer for pcba,SMTfly-4S
Pcb Depaneling Tool,PWB Separator,SMTfly-4S Specification:
Max PCB width:                       12mm
The Longest Minimize:             No limited
Minimize Speed:                       0-520mm/s
Minimize thickness:                  0.8-3.5mm
Machine Weight:                       70Kg

Our Service:
# 1 day delivery
# 24 hours fast response
# Largest manufactory in South China
# 100% responsible for quality
# 15 years experience
# Free sharpening for blades within 3 months


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