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  • PCB Depanelizer for PCB,SMTfly-1SJ
PCB Depanelizer for PCB,SMTfly-1SJ

PCB Depanelizer for PCB,SMTfly-1SJ

  • Product description: PCB Depanelizer for PCB,SMTfly-1SJ
PCB Depanelizer for PCB,SMTfly-1SJ Feature:
1.Robust frame, convenient transportation & affordable price
2.Guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different boards
3.Cutting speed could be adjusted according to clients' needs
4.Excellent for FR4 & Aluminum panels
5.Depth of upper circular blade can be precisely adjusted
6.Blades are motor driven (110 volt or 220 volt optional)
7.Upper and lower circular blades can be re-used after regrinding
8.0.5M stainless steel platform is standard; optional  lengths available
9.Easy operation

pcb depanelizer for pcb,SMTfly-1SJ   pcb depanelizer for pcb,SMTfly-1SJ
pcb depanelizer for pcb,SMTfly-1SJ Specification:
Model:                                    CWVC-1SJ
Cutting capacity(mm):            no limit
Machine dimension(mm):      500*435*345
PCB thickness(mm):              0.8-3.0
Machine Weight(kgs):            30
Cutting speed(mm/s):            0-400

Our Service:
# 1 day delivery
# 24 hours fast response
# Largest manufactory in South China
# 100% responsible for quality
# 14 years experience
# Free sharpening for blades within 3 months


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