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  • Pallet Cleaning System,SMTfly-5300
Pallet Cleaning System,SMTfly-5300

Pallet Cleaning System,SMTfly-5300

  • Product description: Pallet Cleaning System

Pallet Cleaning System,SMTfly-5300

Machine description:

SMTfly-5300 rotate high pressure cleaning machine is one of our popular rotating cleaning machines. It widely used to clean oil or grease on all kinds of hardware processing parts, car parts and machine parts, etc.

SMTfly-5300 consists of wash system, resin system, rotary cleaning basket, dry system and control system. Put the parts on to the cleaning basket, setting the cleaning parameters, the machine wash, resin and dry them automatically by pushing start key.

Machine Feature:

1. PLC procedure control, touch panel operation, world class reliable electric parts.
2. SUS 304 machine wash room and frame, resit Acid and Alkali corrosion, 10 years life time.
3. One-button mode of operation, high pressure clean + rinse + hot air dry, all process complete in one time automatically.
4. Closed-loop clean and rinse, clean solvent and rinse solvent is filtered in the machine.
5. Solvent recycled to use and cost down.
6. The parts are clean and dry after cleaning. Standby and ready for use at any time.
7. Standard equipped with auto fill-in and drain-out function.
8. Labor cost save, clean efficiency raise

9. Clean solution heat and keep temperature function.

Machine Specification:



Max fixture size


Spray system

All round rotate spray clean and rinse

Filter system

50/20/1um filter(3 levels)

Clean tank capacity


Rinse tank capacity


Spray pressure


Air supply


Machine weight


Machine size

2080mm(L) x 1400mm(W) x 1450mm(H)

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